Monday, February 4, 2008


Hog Bay Software recently released XcodeTemplateFactory, a utility that converts an Xcode project to a project template. I tried XcodeTemplateFactory, and it is an easy way to create Xcode project templates.

Building XcodeTemplateFactory

When you download XcodeTemplateFactory, you get an Xcode project file called XcodeTemplateFactory. Open the project in Xcode and build it to create the XcodeTemplateFactory app.

Creating a Project Template with XcodeTemplateFactory

To convert a project to a project template, run the XcodeTemplateFactory app that you built. Click the Choose button to open an Open File dialog box. Navigate to the folder containing your project and click the Open button. Enter a description of your project in the Project Description field. Make the description a good one. When you create a new Xcode project and select your template from the template list, your description is going to appear underneath the template list. Click the Generate Template button, and you've created an Xcode project template.